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Downtown Los Angeles

DIY Pizza Kit

Order just the dough ball or our full kit which comes up dough ball, fresh mozz, homemade tomato sauce, fresh parmesan and chili flakes! Available also as Gluten-free. Everything you need for a fun night in!

DIY Pizza Kit:Regular DIY Pizza Kit - Dough ball, Mozz, Parm & Chili Flakes +$8Just the Dough Ball +$5GLUTEN-FREE crust (made daily in-house) +$3
Pizza Mods:MAKE IT LARGE (not for pizzette) +$10ADD HOUSE SIDE-SALAD +$4WELL DONE NO SAUCE SOS (Sauce On Side) GLUTEN-FREE crust (made daily in-house) +$3GLUTEN ALLERGY NO Cheese LITE Cheese DAIRY-FREE (Sub Vegan cheese) VEGAN (Sub Vegan cheese + NO MEAT) DAIRY ALLERGY

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