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Pizza Rossa (w/ Red Sauce) - Food
Downtown Los Angeles

Classic Cheese Pie (What the Cheesy?!)


Classic plain cheese pie

Pizza Mods:MAKE IT LARGE (not for pizzette or GF crust) +$10ADD HOUSE SIDE-SALAD +$4WELL DONE NO SAUCE SOS (Sauce On Side) GLUTEN-FREE crust (made daily in-house) +$3GLUTEN ALLERGY NO Cheese LITE Cheese DAIRY-FREE (Sub Vegan cheese) VEGAN (Sub Vegan cheese + NO MEAT) DAIRY ALLERGY
Add-Ons/Proteins:Chicken (Breaded) +$8Chicken (Grilled / Naturally GF) +$8Meatballs +$8Prosciutto +$4Soppressata (Italian dry salami) +$4Ham +$4Sausage (Pork) +$4Pepperoni +$3Egg +$2Garbanzo Beans +$2
Add-Ons/Veggies:Artichokes +$2Arugula +$2Avocado +$4Black Pitted Olives +$2Broccoli +$2Calabrian Chiles +$2Caramelized Onions +$2Cherry Tomatoes +$2Cooked Bell Peppers +$2Corn +$1Fig +$4Fresh Basil +$1Fresh Parsley +$1Jalapeños +$2Pepperocini Peppers +$2Persian Cucumbers +$2Red Onions (raw) +$1Roasted Eggplant +$2Roasted Garlic +$2Roasted Mushrooms +$2Sautéed Spinach +$1Spinach (raw) +$1Truffle Mushrooms +$4
Add-Ons/Cheese:Burrata +$4Buffalo Mozzarella +$4Feta +$3Gorgonzola +$3Mozzarella +$3Parmesan +$2Provolone +$2Ricotta +$2
Add-Ons/SDOS (Sauces & Dressings on Side):Truffle Oil +$5Honey +$1Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Balsamic Glaze +$1Lemon Vinaigrette +$1Marinara +$0.75Ranch +$0.75Blue Cheese +$0.75Chili Oil +$0.50Buffalo +$0.50BBQ +$0.50

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