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Downtown Los Angeles

Cheesy filled Garlic Sociale Bread


Our fire-baked Sociale bread stuffed with cheese served with our homemade marinara sauce and NOW AVAILABLE - add your favorite pizza toppings!!

Pizza Toppings:Sub Vegan Cheese Make Gluten-Free +$3Well-done No sauce Artichokes +$2Arugula +$2Avocado +$3Bell Peppers +$2Burrata +$4Calabrian Chiles +$2Caramelized Onions +$2Cherry Tomatos +$2Chicken +$4Extra Mozzarella Cheese +$2Fresh Basil +$1Ham +$4Jalapenos +$2Meatballs +$4Mushrooms +$2Olives +$2Pepperoni +$2Prosciutto +$4Ricotta +$2Rst. Egg Plant +$2Rstd Garlic +$2Sausage +$2Soppressata +$4Vegan cheese Red Onions +$1Spinach +$1
SOS - Sauces:Ranch +$0.75Marinara +$0.75Chili Oil +$0.50Blue Cheese +$0.75BBQ +$0.50Buffalo +$0.50Truffle Oil +$5

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