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2 Margherita Pizzas +free topping, 10 Wings & Cesar Salad


Large Pizza Topping (Select 1):Pepperoni Sausage Chicken Onions Mushrooms Bell Peppers Olives Fresh Basil Artichokes
Pizza Toppings (Optional):Artichokes +$2Arugula +$2Bell Peppers +$2Burrata +$4Calabrian Chiles +$2Chicken +$4Fresh Basil +$1Meatballs +$4Mortadella +$4Mushrooms +$2Olives +$2Onions +$2Pepperoni +$2Ricotta +$2Rst. Egg Plant +$2Sausage +$2Soppressata +$4Prosciutto +$4Extra Mozzarella Cheese +$2Make Gluten Free +$3Extra Vegan Cheese +$2
Wing Sauce/Seasoning (Select 1):BBQ Lemon Pepper Buffalo Naked